The fourth industrial revolution that is well underway can enable the true lean enterprise and lean supply chains. Similar to the principles of lean manufacturing – a system that focuses on adding value for customers, while identifying and eliminating anything that doesn't add that value – the lean distribution model that we are implementing provides a practical and effective method for eliminating inefficient use of time, effort, technologies and business processes in our operations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction. It’s about streamlining our operations in a way that helps meeting customer demands and gain a competitive edge. Doing more with less—today and in the future.

Cloud computing, internet of things, real-time sense-and-response technologies, cloud-based services, big data analytics, robotics and artificial intelligence are radically bringing change to the distribution models. Companies that will not adopt the new models will struggle or cease to exist. Therefore it is crucial to understand changes and see them as opportunity, implement them as soon as possible to turn obstacles into stepping stones of success.