Industry 4.0 is an ongoing evolution in the global revolutionary processes that have changed and shaped the world enabling greater sharing of information in real time and collaboration. The concept of Industry 4.0 brings together the digital and physical worlds, altering traditional distribution business processes by incorporating and analyzing huge volumes of data and evolving towards a “smart”, connected efficient supply chain structure. We have upgraded the old-fashioned distribution approaches and valuable knowledge insight and transferred them to online marketplaces, that create unique customer experience and combine best from both worlds.

The emergence of e-commerce has been a disruptive force for industrial wholesale and distribution companies. Today's buyers are used to having detailed data on everything from product availability and pricing to their order's precise location. Anything less is quickly becoming dissatisfactory.

Today's B2B and distributors need to follow the mindset and digital tactics that have helped make e-commerce companies successful, such as focusing on customer experience (CX), supporting omni-channel customers, creating a mobile optimized site, and by having a team of experts that's dedicated to serving your online channels.

We can help you establish all necessary steps for successful B2B online and distribution 4.0 (online) model based on your PIM-Product Information Management - a single and central point of product information, that can be the source to power everywhere the information is required, from websites, eCommerce sites, digital catalogues, ERP systems, and electronic data feeds.